Easy Crochet and Knitting PATTERN PDF fashion plush Teddy Bear – Amigurumi crochet bear toy

By | April 9, 2020

Easy Crochet and Knitting PATTERN PDF fashion plush Teddy Bear – Amigurumi crochet bear toy

Easy Crochet and Knitting PATTERN PDF fashion plush Teddy Bear – Amigurumi crochet bear toy This listing is an original pattern (written in English) to create your own cute Crochet Plush bears Brownie toys with a KNITTING outfit – a backpack, dress, shorts, and booties! Bears measures approximately 25-26 cm (9-10″). The format of the instructions is a PDF document of 34 pages with detailed instructions and 155 photos to provide visual help for the process. Level 2: Elementary

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